come quickly — time is short

IHOP_Alabaster USA
2 min readOct 3, 2022

“Lord Yahweh of Angel Armies, keep me from ever being a stumbling block to others, to those who love you. Lord God of Israel, don’t let what happens to me be the source of confusion to those who are passionate for you.” Psalm 69:6 TPT


Every breath that does not promote Life and Hope in the Bride will be cut off from its source. The Lord will perfect that which He has died for, creating and finishing the radiant Bride. His blood covers her completely — bringing joy to her lips. His hope is fulfilled in you, bringing you to the altar whenever necessary — to remove the worry and tribulation, so that the Bride is free from pain.

The Bridegroom loves His Bride, and will make roads where there were none before — to rescue the Bride from hardship and danger. Let Glory fall upon your shoulders Beloved, allow it to cascade over you like a Bridal Veil. Upon His heart, the Lord has set eternal life — growing from a seed and becoming much much more, until it ignites as Faith. She will raise her head to face the King and will not fear, but will walk in awe of the relationship sown so many years ago.

The journey began in Genesis, and continues through this day — the love affair from creator to the created. Long for His touch in the middle of the night, ache for the righteousness until you are filled. Still hunger continues to come upon you — ensuring the forward movement of His heart, a surging of incredible power. The disciples were overcome by its mystery, and came out of the upper room speaking in tongues known only to God. The heavens fast forwarded the Truth, and four thousand came to believe that day.

One said, “I have been cut to the heart!” and bowed before the King.

Take part, engage the Holy. Trust only God, believing in His goodness and tell the nations before it is all gone, for the harvest is upon us — and identity is everything. Break with this world and its flesh, a creation that has been dying for thousands of years and now is within distance of the caverns that will swallow them up, consuming all who have chosen evil. But there is still time, short as it is — to call upon the only name which will render your flesh powerless.