the Fire is a person

Hebrews 12:29 “For our God is a consuming fire.”


Music plays above us all. It is the song of the Master, the one who created all things. The season of preparation is upon us and He provides even the breath that we breathe. Carefully, look at your life and see the very moments in which God took you from weak to strong. Sometimes, He carried us through the places that were too difficult to overcome in and of ourselves. Touch upon each memory. Chew through the fabric of time, and digest the teacher’s lesson, the understanding, and the wisdom comes from every event in our lives. See the constant presence of God in every situation, lifting us, holding us, comforting us, and yes even consuming us.

Fire refines and purifies, and each time the Lord touches us, another part of our self was burned, consumed.

Each time you learned to stay still in the midst of the fire.

It is Holy. Remove your shoes. This Fire calls for hearing His voice, listening to His teaching, studying His word, embracing the next steps He presents. The Holy finishes His work in us and through us, lifting us up as brand new. His breath enables us to move forward from the Fire and into the next season, breaking the hold of the past on our lives. In those moments of Holiness, a rapture takes place removing the dead flesh and the wounds are healed. New skin grows upon dry bones. A new heart beats within your chest. He deposits within this heart a loving kindness not known before, and our lives exhibit a profound, discovery. The oneness becomes more than it was before, and unity is exercised, when we say, “Take all of me.” The discovery that His love is better, more powerful than the earthly teachings, becomes sanctified through a lens of brokenness.

The burn is then washed with the water of His love. Like our Lord Jesus washing the disciples’ feet, He meets us at the water’s edge. Step into the river before you, His river of life calls you by name.

Your voice cries out, “Wash me, wash me, wash all of me with the water of your love!”

And it covers you, blessing you, soaking you, saturating the depths of your soul. As you step from the current, ripples of God’s love fill you to overflowing. Consumed, burned, healed and restored, washed in His love, and a refreshed heart now beats strong within your chest.

One thought, “the Fire is a person.”


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